Europe in motion 2011 - 05. bis 16. September

Youth in Action: Action 1 - Youth Exchange
The youth exchange with 12 days of activities brings 28 disadvantaged young people from Germany, Italy, Latvia and Romania together to give them the opportunity to experience integration thru sport. In the context of workshops, field trips, lectures and sporty activities as well as cultural meeting and exchange of experiences the young adults will get the opportunity to experience European reality. The activities will be realised with the help of methods of experimental education and “customs of yore”- presentations to show the variety in Europe. Highlights will be taking part in the Chemnitzer running challenge as the European team and participating in the European Week of Mobility.

• Integration thru sport – sport promots Fair Play and equal opportunities
• Methods of Experimental education during the project to help to develop the personality and social skills
• Mix of different sporty activities like bike trip, boots trip, building a raft, hiking tour, climbing tour, orientation tour,  verschiedener, vor allem sportlicher bzw. physisch fordernder, Aktivitäten
• „Custome of yore“ – country presentation, typical customs of each countries, music, dances, food.
• „Culture of sports“ – sports and sport-games from each country

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