Chemnitzer MixTour 2008 - 20. September bis 03. Oktober

Youth in Action: Action 1 - Youth Exchange
Supported by the European Youth in Action program the MixTour 2008 of the solaris education centre brought 34 young adults of Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Germany together for a youth exchange to Chemnitz.
The participants with or without migration background were dealing with opportunities and limitations of integration in Europe. In workshops, podiums discussions and field trips the young adults experienced living integration and sophisticated that voluntary activity for the community helps assembling Europe.

Especially physically exercises were the main activities. The highlights of the meeting were adventure and outdoor education activities in the high rope course garden in Chemnitz and the Bleiloch-Dam in the federal state of Thuringia, abseiling and the flying fox from the ore mountains jump, the MixTour competition, participating in the mobility day in Chemnitz as well as the national evenings of the different countries showing traditions and culture of the homelands and the diversity of Europe. It was the first project for the solaris education centre in the position of being host and organizer after taking part in several youth exchanges.

We enjoyed to present our country and had a great time with all the participants.

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